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JADO.lu develops individual gifts for private and corporate occasions.

All our products are:

  • Made in Luxembourg
  • Conceived by local entrepreneurs
  • Individually customized
  • of high Quality
  • Hand-prepared
  • Respecting short-delivery distances

Chocolate is the answer.

  • Personalized box label
  • Pralinés by Tricentenaire
  • 4, 6, 8 or 24 per box
  • Made in Luxembourg

No Crémant, no Party.

  • Personalized label

  • 750 ml or 375 ml

  • Made in Luxembourg

Individual coloring book

  • 10x10cm, 20 pages

  • Individual illustrations

  • Other formats and supports available on request

  • Made in Luxembourg

Mix up your own spirits box

  • Personalized box and bottle label
  • Choose from several different spirits, e.g. liqueur, rum, pastis or drëpp
  • 5 x 40 ml per box
  • Made in Luxembourg

Create your team’s own beer

  • Get your jersey shaped label

  • Get a back label with names and numbers of the whole team

  • Beer from the Echternacher Brauerei –
    local beer brewed according to the ”Deutsches Reinheitsgebot”

  • Made in Luxembourg

Christmas is coming...

  • Spirits advent calendar
  • 24x4cl miniature bottles
  • 24 different spirits from Luxembourg
  • Personalized sticker on the front
  • Made in Luxembourg

Keep your spirits high!

  • Personalized label

  • Gin, Vodka, Hunnegdrëpp & many others

  • 40 ml, 200 ml or 500 ml

  • Made in Luxembourg

You need something different?

Many other products are available and can be individually customized to your specific needs.


Let your fantasy go wild!